The joy, the happy feeling of after publishing a post is really magical and amazing.

You are so excited and want to do your best to write more and express your thoughts with others more effectively. and you hope to provide an amazing solution, value or something Else in your post.

But what about your audience?

After reading your post, are you sure? they will feel that they have just learned something valuable and a solution to their problem, and so on.

Off course, there should be everything perfect.

You are still committed to writing more valuable contents for your audience, so this is why we are gonna discuss in this blog post.


Basically, the purpose of writing blog posts, books, novel, etc is to educate, entertain, inspire, and provide a solution to a specific problem or give some benefits right away.

Off course, your audience will love if you have well described your Idea in the post which provides all the basic values and  solid information.

Your blog post should shed light on one major point and the other sub-major point should support your main major point.

The headline/title of your post , introduction to your post , body, Examples, actionable tips, inspiration,analogy, etc are all is the main parts of any blog post.

In this blog post, we will go through from the idea to the conclusion of a blog post.



No idea, no post, no blog, no traffic, no audience no conversion, nothing. That’s why the idea of a blog post is so important.

There are many ways to get the best ideas. you should always keep your eyes open for new ideas.

Where great ideas come from?

Most of the people have figured out, they get best ideas When they don’t really think of it and some people says they get when they are

  • Walking
  • Falling asleep
  • Waking up
  • Running

As soon as you got an idea jot down right away or start writing the first paragraph and save it in the draft.

You have only 5 seconds to start working on the new idea, otherwise, it could be gone forever, that’s why we get a lot of ideas but we lost.

This video has described the story of satellite, which we all use in our daily life. And got over 3 millions of views. it will give you more information where great ideas come from?

Spy on your competitor

Keep a close eye on your competitor blog posts and find out which post is getting more shares, comments, likes around social media.

It’s a lot easier to stand on someone shoulders who has ahead in the game from you.

Neil has well described how to steal your blog post idea from your competitors and from other resources. it’s not really stealing but a change in the idea.

Don’t copy your competitor works but just make a little change to the idea and write your blog post from the completely different angle.

Below are some tools which will help you to find trending IDEAs in your niche.

1) Buzzsumo

it ‘s a powerful tool to get information about which blog post is going viral of your competitor or and in your niche around social media.

There are two ways to use buzzsumo

  • Competitors. Put the domain URL in the buzzsumo search bar to find out, which blog post is performing Well on the competitor site.


  •  Nich: You can also use buzzsumo to get information about of specific blog post/idea in your niche.

So let’s see which of the blog post is performing well in blogging niche. Just write “blogging” in the buzzsumo search bar or something else.

you can filter by date too and can expand with buzzsumo search bar suggestions.


It’s a great tool to spy on your competitors and on your niche at the same time.

2) Google Trends

With the help of google trends, you can find keywords and can compare keywords, how much people are looking for what, in your niche and you can compare 5 ideas at the same time.

for example, how many people are searching for below keywords on google.

  1. How to blog
  2. How to write
  3. How to design
  4. How to learn
  5. How to cook


This screenshot shows that “how to write” is higher search result among this five keywords since 2006 but “how to cook” got more searched during 2014 and 2015.

You can expand time and can also rearrange and can search /compare result by countries.


The interesting thing here is, it also shows what are the related search keywords.


After comparing you can easily decide what to write in the meantime which will be effective to get more traffic and achieve your goals easily.

3) Google keyword planner

There is another tool of google to use to clarify your idea from more angle.

This tool is for marketers to find most searched keyword for their products.

It’s useful for blogger  too and a lot of expert blogger use and teach it for the specific purpose.


So let’s find how many people have searched for “how to write” phrase in the last month, you can try long tail phrases.


You can break down search volume trends result to many categories.


These tools are not for to make you confuse but to clarify everything about your idea and lead you to more ideas.

By using this tools you will never run out of blog post ideas.

Generating more interesting ideas is not a difficult territory if you think out of the box

There is lot of more tools to use for the same purpose but you should keep in mind this simple sentence

“whats works for you”

Tools that are useful to other but do not make sense for you then go ahead and try new.

 Mind Map and outline 

Once you caught your idea of a particular topic and you want to write a blog post, Ebooks, white papers anything.

Now the second step to take is to put all the thoughts on the paper about the idea without actually writing it but mind mapping.

Mind map helps you determine  what you already know about the topic and what type of resources you think will help you in your writing.1368071345

resources for example.

  • Online research
  • Books
  • Case studies
  • Magazines, etc
  • Recently or earlier read article,book
  • Earlier or recently watched video, etc

As I have said above that “you have only 5 seconds to start working on an idea” this sentence I got from the very earlier watched video on ted which I didn’t find anywhere now.

The mind map technique is the first step to putting your idea on paper.

people use this technique for books because it’s helpful to write faster,

Chandler bolt teaches in his free video training , how to use mind map and other technique to become best-selling author even if you hate writing.    


You can use mind mapping software to help you in the process but most of the writer still swear by pen and paper.

If you do mindmap for each topic of your post it will be more helpful, I DO.


Outlines help you organize the logical flow of your post and make groups of thoughts, about which you will talk in the post.

Outlines are used for the major parts of a post.

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

You have to outlines for the each part of your post to write easy and faster.

Once you got your mind map and outlines on the paper, then the writing process will be fun. You will be amazed by using mind map and outline technique.

I recommend to master, mind map and outline with chandler bolt in his free video course, chandler says “ I have invested 1K $ on this videos” so why not to get the benefit.


If I Share my own thoughts on headline and don’t refer you to this FREE ebook, I will be selfish, so you have to master every part of a blog post, that’s why this ebook will help you how to hack headline for your post.

Headline is an iron hook with the help of this hook you bring thousand of eyeballs to read your post.

But here is a little truth that only 20% percent people read your blog post and 80%  of people read the headline on different social site and on different search engine sites.

Headline of your post is the head manager of your post, the duty of headline to give the reader a hope, what the reader will get once he/she finished the post.

Keep in mind while writing any post. What a reader will get from your post which you are writing because every visitor of your site asks this question consciously or subconsciously repetitively “ What’s in it for me?

So I am not gonna write on headline more here in this post may be I will discuss headline in future posts. but you should focus to read the ebook I  have mentioned above.


Oh my goodness, thanks to google, bing and yahoo and other search engines, who do the hard work to give us always the real time right time information.

To make the research process  easy then you should always tend to be in RESEARCH MOOD. no matter what you do or where you are.

The good thing is to keep 10 to 20 post posts in drafts because whenever you read a post watch a video or listen to a podcast your brain will make the logical pattern to the posts in your drafts. So this is exactly what I do .

And this is another good tip to master your mind map skill and research skill.

Another quick tip here is “ Become a better data collector to become a better authority blogger ”  you should have different categories of folder on your computer or you can use online storage such as google drive or any other tools to collect different types of data or just links to that data,

such asbpb-thumb

  • Facts about your claim
  • Quotes
  • Short Stories
  • Example
  • Videos
  • Podcast
  • Pdf ebooks
  • analogies
  • Etc

Neil Patel and other top expert blogger use a lot of facts to help readers, what they are looking for.

Before you start writing you should have a limited time to do a little bit of research to find out how the other peoples are explaining your idea in the world.

Here’s is a little bit of confusion about write to first or to research first so for me research works while writing , it’s horrible and a lot of time and energy consuming and it’s multi-tasking bad habit while writing but it works for me.

Because if I do research first and then come back to writing I forget my all deep points instead of jotting down.

But when I do research after putting my thoughts on the paper I became lazy to rewrite, rearrange, or edit. So it does not work for me.

I do not recommend this way for your research because I myself going to avoid it, but I am clearing the point “what works for you”.

You should check your research productivity before and after writing but do not try in the middle.

As we know search engine are pretty popular we use it daily but there should be more resources where needy people talking about your idea.

You can keep in touch with the people who talks about many ideas and asking question about many ideas and it’s helpful to learn the pain point of needy people and give them what they are looking for.

Google Scholar is a great resource to search the wide range of  academic information.


Google alert

Google alert is not just a good tool for research but also useful for the information which you cannot wait to read.


Choose keywords to get information about once a week or daily straight to your inbox or RSS feeds.

Keep reading and collecting of information which you will think will be useful for your future work.

To search your own collected information and also search engine information you will need Evernote extension  

Keep in mind to be always in research mood.

Sometimes it will take  you to research for not just a whole post but to research for a paragraph, sentence, even a word. Sometimes it will take you more time for just simple word or sentence.


introduction is an opening paragraph of article, books, chapter, essay and so on.

In journalism, it’s called lead or lede and an essay called a thesis, in blogging called intro.

Expert bloggers, content marketer authors get their introduction to post, books very seriously because after the headline this is ready next step to keep the reader hooked.

Intro the most important part of your post in this section you are going to emotionalize the reader and you are directly pointing to the reader needs to read your post.

The intro is the completely different thing from you own post because you talk about other things in your post and in the intro section you talk about your post.

It’s like you are opening / unlocking a box before you bpb-thumb

unlock the box you have to clarify others in simple short words what’s in the box.

  • What’s the idea of the post
  • What is the problem
  • What is the solution
  • What’s the condition
  • What’s in it for the reader
Words limit

I have researched many blog post of top bloggers and count the words of their introductions and found the average of their intros are 165 to 265.

It’s easy to write a long intro to your post but it will bore the reader instead of exciting.

So only one sentence is enough to one point.

So don’t try to make your intro too broad or narrow.

Bog Post

Ask a short question as you begin your post and also answer it shortly by yourself like Neil Patel in this post.


Or you can ask multiple questions as you begin
 like this guy.


Short stories: “ The power and efficiency of a short story are second to none” short stories are something which no one can ignore. Use it is a mind refreshing tool for your readers. some times just in six words.


Problem and pinpoint: if you are writing a post about a specific solution to a problem then ask compelling questions of your reader. For example,

If you are writing something about cooking for many people,  ask one question about a problem like this

“ Do you get stuck in cooking when you cook for guests and family too?”

and then provide some short answers multiple times as an introduction to your post.


Image: Never forget a relevant image before your intro to your post because of human mind process visual information 60,000x faster than text, but also use an image or screenshots in every 300 words. Best Free images source is

Analogy: if you are good at comparing two things then for you analogy is a good chance to  Not only make your intro stronger but you can increase your blog readership too.

Increase Click-through rate in the search engine. A good intro to your post will not only emotionalize the reader to read the post but you can also increase you CTR in the search engines because if you do not use search engine plugin and do not write meta description to your post then search engine take your intro as a meta description.

Social media and other sites show some of the first sentences in feeds to the user and especially on your blog post page.

How to write Body of the post

This is the challenging part of your blog post. Now you are gonna write about

  • To prove your claims
  • To share your experience
  • To clear the concept
  • To give examples
  • To Do’s and don’t’s
  • To make impact
  • To emotionalize
  • To act

To describe your topic in an effective way,  you will need to breakdown majors points into step by step instruction, to answer from many different angles and woo your readers

If you are writing an how to post then just do not try to only emotionalize your readers but give simple and step by step instruction from start to finish.

and do not let your readers feel the post is incomplete or lack of information.

Do not go too broad or narrow While picking your topic or discussing major points because it can make you and the readers confuse.

Do not walk your readers around the swimming pool and then tell them to dive into the point.

For the deep argument and engaging, you will need to immediately dive into the points to hook the readers until you finish your post so then they can comment and skip skimming.

Your blog post body is a logical flow of many points on one topic, instead of walking around your post focus on logics and references to light up many bulbs in the mind of your readers.

Practice logical flow of a topic in many different ways because practice makes perfect and you will notice improving your writing.

1368071345Try to win the argument in many ways and let the readers clap for you.

The output you need from your post is to make an impact in some way and inspire your audience to ACT. that’s all you need and all bloggers need.

In “how to post” The problem is the main point to solve in the body section, provide a solution, describe the tools and points which have never been thought by your readers from your own experience and tell them in an easy way how you have done.

Or say something which has worked for you and for others either discuss an old solution in a brand new way which will fulfill the need of today.

Assure the reader in some way that the problem is an opportunity in some way.

All you need from your post and blogging to fulfill a need, make an impact and inspire others to act etc. that what all bloggers need from their blogging efforts.

So in short and in simple words “ Do not be a commentator outside of the playground but be a player inside the playground”

It means to not just write from your imagination but write your experience, especially in the body of the post.

How to write Conclusion

Conclusion is simple, it does not require the hard work, it’s the summary of the hard work you would have done in the post.

Once again have a look at the overall major points and give one sentence of advice for the post like a quote or real quote of others, related to the post.

Give a quick summary to your deep points.

For the faster writing, write the conclusion and intro first , you will know what will be the topic in the post you are gonna discuss.

Do research or give some insight ,facts, stats about the topics you have in the post in short.

Point out some useful tools which will help the reader experience the topic and get the result sooner.

Recommend some products or book which have helped you and will also help your audience. Do not hesitate to include affiliate links because the commission you will earn will help you support your blogging journey and you can write better content for your audience if you have a less financial  distraction .

If you have planned to write the related post mention it and tell the reader to stay tuned.

Do not forget to put sharing button in the last.

Last but powerful your last sentence of conclusion should be a strong question related to the post to increase conversation and learn from others what they think about the topic. Here’s mine.

In the last sentence of below question, I am asking from your area of expertise , if you ask a challenging question audience will love to comment.

Let me know, What do you think how to write a blog post in more effective ways ? and what I have missed?


Only one thing can make everything perfect  which is PRACTICE, all you have to do to  master each part of the blog post  and it requires practice.

In this blog post, we have gone through each part of the blog post but it’s not enough information to master your writing.

Study the in’s and out’s of a blog post writing and keep in touch with others popular bloggers to learn their fresh content.

Let me know what’s on your mind about writing a blog post?



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