Google Chrome is a free web browser developed by Google, released in 2008.

Today Chrome is the most widely used web browser in the world.

Google are providing most of their services free and google chrome web browsers is one of their amazing free offer to the world.

According to the recent w3 school statistics,  72.4% of people use chrome around the world. 2016-09-06 07-14-02

To make chrome more productive we need some chrome extensions to save us time and do the task, even more, faster and easier.

For years I am using some of the best FREE chrome extension which works best for me and I am Sure it will work for everyone.


#1 FVD Speed Dial



Fvd speed dial is one the best FREE extension with 3D designed view to keep your dials and bookmarks with you where ever you go, just sing into fvd speed dial and sync your all data.



FVD Speed dial also allow you to create groups for different types of dials. I have many different categories of groups.



Using FVD speed dial  is the peace of mind you can lock FVD to keep your data safe. FVD will lock after 3, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes automatically.




Adding pages to FVD speed dials groups is super easy, just click right to choose a group and say goodbye to bookmarking.




#2 Clipboard History


Wouldn’t it be great to keep your copied Text, Code, links, etc history on the list for weeks?




whenever you need any item from clipboard history just click on it and past it on the desired place. you can make some item favorite which you will need time to time for easy access.

Some more option makes it more interesting and useful.




#3 Buffer




Buffer is actually an app for social media use. With the help of Buffer, we can share great content to Twitter, Facebook, G+, Instagram, and LinkedIn from anywhere on the web, with just one click.


Using buffer chrome extension is time-saving and Free plan of buffer works best for personal use.


#4. Nimbus



Nimbus is the best choice of content creators. for the best explanation sometimes we need screenshots that’s why Nimbus came handy.

Nimbus have multiple features to make our job easier.




#5 ImTranslator

If English is your 2nd or 3rd language then you can’t surf the internet without a translator that’s why you need ImTranslator.

ImTranslator translates selected text (10,000 characters), words (Dictionary), phrases and web pages between 91 languages using Google, Bing ,other, translation providers.

The option of Imtranslator is extensive. you can customize it for your own use.


Translating with ImTranslator are super easy, just select words on a page and a small bubble will appear to translate with one click.


#6 Grammarly

Take Grammarly with you where ever you write on the web to avoid all Writing errors.


Grammarly is pretty famous from all top bloggers, Writers, to Facebook commentators.

You can upload your Text files to Grammarly for editing.




just visit Grammarly to signup  and enjoy clean writing.


#7 Pocket

When you want to read, watch, something later, saves it to pocket for offline access.



#8 Evernote

Evernote is just like the pocket with some more features. one of the features in Evernote which make your research easier is__Evernote shows us earlier synced data while searching on google, bing, etc.





Using above extension will make your chrome browser complete and will make your life easier.

I’ve not written all the extension with lengthy details for the sake of simplicity and easy reading.

so if you have any question ask in the comment.

Let me know if you use a good chrome extension. write and suggest it to me or just suggest, In both cases, I will link back to your blog, gravatar profile or social profile.


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