Are you wondering how people increase followers on twitter on the daily basis?

They have no any magic wizard but they Do simple Task  daily.

which I am going to share today with you and it’s worked for me and works for everyone.

I got 5k followers in less than a week.



Most of the people have  already followed 2000 people and the average of  back following people is 700 to 800. Twitter do not let them follow more people. That’s the exact problem.

Before we go into deep details about tasks on daily basis.Just unfollow all who are not following you back.

BUT HOW? is it your question?

We have a lot of ways to do this. But I will mention two easy and free ways because you are just the beginner of twitter.


Two Easy and freeways:   

Let me discuss the first very easy and Freeway to unfollow all who are not following you back  just click on this Link to open in new tab.



This is an app which will list all the people who are not following you back called manage flitter. ALL you have to do is to click on the unfollow button.



NOW just go to Manage flitter website and connect your twitter account. manage flitter is the number one choice of people who are growing their twitter accounts.



Manage flitter also offers free bonuses to increase your unfollow daily limit. all you have to do to tweet for them after sign up. manage flitter will guide you step by step. it’s easy as 1, 2, 3.

Many Feature of manage Flitter for your twitter account.


2nd easy way:

In a second way, there is no limit no signup but it still needs a little effort.

All you have to do is to go to your following list on twitter. Unfollow all who is not following you back. but how you will know who is not following you back?

just notice the ” Follows you ” Text.



if you do not see the “Follows you” Text, then Hover your mouse pointer on the following button and click Unfollow.




Once you cleared / unfollowed  all unfollowers then the daily basis tips begin here for increasing followers on twitter.

Thanks to the organic suggestion of twitter which are not provided by Facebook as the same as the twitter.


you can not send the friend request to unknown people on facebook if you do, your account  will be suspended soon.

but you can follow same taste unknown people on twitter and they can also follow you back with no rules restriction.

bpb-thumbTwitter suggest people on the daily basis to everyone to follow. that’s what you are looking for.

follow suggested people and brands right away. But here’s a little confusion between  Brands and People

If you are interested in people to follow you then follow people, not brands.

if you are interested in business brands to follow you then follow brands OR may be MIX. but many brands do not follow back.

What to do on daily basis to increase followers?

This is a challenging question for me. just listen to me carefully.

Social media has based by the algorithm.( Specific rules to follow to solve a problem )

Algorithm does the same NOT for all.

If I spend 2 hours on twitter daily and you spend 1 hours. the Twitter algorithm will be in my favor.because I am tweeting more, liking more, retweeting more. following and unfollowing more .number of people are engaged with me more than you.

You can apply this simple algorithm strategy to all social media sites. just increase your activity and be active consistently.

If you are promoting yourself as a brand Or you are promoting a specific business brand. by following the rule of the social algorithm, then you do not need to pay for promoting.


Be an informer on social media. promote the valuable content of others and get the algorithm rank high.

There’s no harm and also write your own tips.  it might be short or long. Just offer help.   


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