Today social networks are the most popular site on the cyberspace. According to, There will be 2.95 billion social media user in the year of 2020.


Some of the social networks are not pretty popular but some social networks are leading the industry. popular social networks such as facebook get million of active user around the clock.

social staistics.png

We have to use different social networks for the different purpose. for example, we use linked in  for job seeking, recruiting or for B2C and B2B business goals.


as we all know on facebook we keep in touch with family and friends.

Using 3 to 5 social networks can be a lot of time-consuming activity which we do not have to spend and neither no one wants to spend more time on social networks.

So here at the mean point, we need a tool to share contents to multiple networks with just a click and to keep our account status active on 3 to 5 social networks. 



There are many ways to do this simple task, but for the personal and team use buffer app  is the best choice of over 3 million people. 2016-09-10 04-47-56.jpg

Step#1: Sign up and Connect your Accounts

Buffer Free plan allow you to connect your favorite 5 different social accounts and a Pinterest account with 14 days free trials. It’s a one-time setup.



Step#2: Download Extension

Once you Authorized your desired social accounts with buffer app then go to extension download page here and download buffer extension for your browser.


Step#3: Sharing post via buffer

Sometimes an interesting post grabs our attention in the middle of social networks feeds and we immediately feel to share the post to all our social networks or just to few.

Via buffer we can share an interesting post to all buffer connected account and we can also choose among connected accounts to share on or NOT.

Let’s share one of the posts from linked in feeds. just hover your mouse pointer on the post and you will see a blue button to click on.


or you can click right to share.



After clicking on blue button buffer extension page will appear in seconds.


That’s set The buffer extension page will disappear in seconds and you can continue chasing social feeds.

This way you can share different types of content not just an image such as videos, podcast, an article or any other pages of any website.

With buffer, you can schedule 10 posts in the free plan.


buffer is a time-saving app. using buffer app around your devices is useful.

for more time-saving tools read this post  8 Time-Saving Google Chrome Extension Every Chrome User Should Use

I wrote the post in short details if you have any question ask in the comment section.


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