Have a lot to tweet but do not want to visit twitter for each tweet ?

O ya, it’s kinda boring !

One of the best thing about tweeting consistently, it’s improve writing skill because you got only 140 words to explain the moment or what’s in your mind, etc.

It’s a little challenge in every moment to write (tweet) and it can be a part of your writing practice.

A tweet life span is confusing.

According to moz tweet life span is about 18 minutes. but it also depends on your followers and in many more cases.


Step# 1

This  overall setup steps  will take you only 5 minutes.

Go right here and add chromni tweet extension to your chrome browser.


After Installing now the next step is to connect your twitter account. go to setting extension OR just click the twitter bird icon on the top right.


After connecting go to your browser search bar and type tw and press space bar.

you are ready to tweet. write your tweet with hashtags and press enter.


Go and check.

If any question asks in the comment.

Is there any tool like this  you know ?




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