The world has said, what they wanted to say and you have read and  tried.

When it comes to you, to grab a paper and write your unique voice…. your response?

I am stuck.

You are facing writing blocks and never tried to get rid of it and maybe you have tried.

Easy ways work for a very little time to avoid writing blocks.

You need to get rid of it for a long time or maybe lifetime.

You need emotions to start but you need hard work to finish.

But hard work needs you to clear writing blocks.

I’ve tried so many ways some are easy and some are hard but I am gonna list here some hard ways to help you clear your writing blocks and I am sure you will never face it again.

Sometimes Writers wash the bathrooms to delay writing. Because writers are afraid of completely blank page, empty mind, and Monkey Mind steal the idea as it pops up.

Let’s Get Ready to Go.



#1 Sacrifice

As we all know, Every small and big achievement needs the sacrifice of time, money, sweat and blood, Etc, no matter how much, but it’s need it. No Pain No Gain. Oooops.

You need and want hard to write regularly and hate procrastination and blocks.

Achievement always needs the sacrifice.

Sacrifice other thing and your routine to get sometimes to write, instead of sacrificing your writing time.

The number one thing to sacrifice is your sleep to get out of bed early 1 or 2 hours.

Many serious writers in the world have skipped theirs sleep time to just write 1 – 2 hours in the morning.

In the morning you get the fresh mind and full tank of energy, you can start and can finish complicated topics.

Remember in the beginning write something easy about, you are an expert of. because you are not trying to improve your writing but you are sacrificing your sleep to make a strong habit of writing in the morning.

#2 Building Habit of writing

Once you built the habit of writing you cleared all block. it’s not simple and easy it needs hard work.

Building a habit and quitting a bad habit is one of the secrets of successful people.

Building a strong habit can make you top author in your niche.

Building a lifetime writing habit is as hard as climbing the mountain in sleepers.

To establish a strong habit of writing you need to break it down and adopt it step by step.

You need a clear daily, weekly goals list and be committed to it.

  1. practice Free Writing 100, to 500 words a day, no matter what the topic is, do not care about any grammar and spelling. just keep moving your pen on paper or your fingers on the keyboard.
  2. Tweet 50 times a day (write quotes of others or yours ) How to tweet from browser search bar without visiting twitter
  3. Read blog posts from others bloggers and comment on it. from 10 to 20.
  4. While surfing social media try to comment. avoids words like ( nice , awesome,etc) but try to think to comment something different and related to the post.

Trying this 4 tips daily will give you a good habit. you can feel the difference in a week.

In the beginning, it’s boring, stick to it until you feel ease with it.

Be prepared mentally  and say to yourself I will write 50 words or tweet ( any writing activity) before (unrelated writing activity) I do this, and when I did that and this.

It’s cues of any good and bad habit.

Sometimes just do not think and grab a device or a paper and pen start writing like crazy no matter if you have a topic or not.

Do not try hard to write something perfect in the beginning because Done is better than perfect said by CEO of Facebook.1368071345

Write garbage, write something related and unrelated, write the situation or whether some times just write stories for babies start with once upon a time.

It’s all about your habit and takes 66 days to build a habit according to new research.

Remember you are going to build a habit Not improving your writing. One task at a time sometimes makes sense.

#3 Steal Your Comforts

For the sake of writing, Let’s feel like a fish without water.

The more you feel bad out of your comfort zone the more you have to push yourself to write.

It’s Something which really makes sense.

Delay your favorite task and tell yourself I am gonna do this and that if I finished this topic, chapter, blog post.etc.

Okay After sacrificing your comfort zone, If you still feel there is something pushing you back and it’s Crazy.

Then the harder way is here to get packed your bag and leave the place where you are you living right now. “Now it’s the time to dance like a fish”

Before you pack your bag just warn your mind ” I am gonna leave if I did not finish this” and let the fear flow on the opposite side.

Here is another interesting trick you can warn yourself with ” I am Gonna Finish this If I didn’t, I am gonna meet John” The person you hate the most never want to see the face of this person.

After warning many times you are still procrastinating.

Then go and make it real and meet the person you hate, Now feel how bad it feel. it’s the real punishment of not writing.

If still not worked, then get your packed bag and prove you are sacrificing for writing.

Before you leave, do not forget to warn yourself last time again for limited time 24 ,12, hours 2, 3, days or a’s up to you.

Another good point here is to warn yourself is to join the job you hated always.

Put yourself in some efforts for writing and you will find yourself on the point where you want to be. it’s a little of gambling but it pays off. Be patience.

Let’s prove it openly how hard you want to write.

#4 Become lazier

You might be thinking that this is easy to be lazy. But here is a trick to make it hard and you will never say again “it’s easy to be lazy”.

People and Writers are lazy and procrastinate but in a limit.

After crossing the limit, it is hard as hell, and that’s where laziness comes to play.

1368071345While playing with laziness do not try to do anything just sleep, eat, and be lazy.

Be careful and do not over think.

Commit to set on each sitting thing for 3 hours or more, or just try to sleep and do not try to wake up.

During that lazy moments just think about writing keep away from any other task even social media, I mean do nothing.

Once you filled up the tank of your laziness. that’s where the fun begins.

You will naturally feel to do something and you will feel easy to do any hard work.

The natural flow of energy. But Wait, Wait, to be lazy.

Still, Do not Do anything because it’s emotions for little time Not the Real natural push.

Just count how many times you get feelings to write Or just think when you should start writing. ” you will get the push to write”

Try it for a day 2 or a week maybe a month.

So if you think and feel to be lazy, be lazy because your body wants to be lazy. no problem.

Keep in mind all you need from laziness to sharp your focus.

#5 phrase

Forgetting your subconscious mind in clearing writing blocks can be the biggest mistake.

You need some positive phrase for your subconscious mind to help you clear your writing blocks.

You can just speak it again and again or you can write on a paper.

  1. I am gonna write a lot today
  2. I write a lot of everyday
  3. I love writing
  4. It’s Easy for me to read and write a lot
  5. I love to write anywhere in any situation
  6. Nothing can stop me from writing today, Now

Whenever you try to write and nothing are popping just start writing with this phrases.

Your subconscious need time to reprogram with this phrases but you will notice some changes day to day.

It’s easy to write this phrases once a time daily. but the regular writing and practicing this daily are not.

so do not give up keep moving and trying, whatever come to mind to help you get ride of writing blocks.


There are many ways to clear blocks but some ways are making sense and some are not.

All you need to know what’s work for you.

If something works for you, will work for some but will not work for all.

Sometimes nothing works  be patience It’s Life, you have to face challenges from time to time.

Remember “Any Expert of any field was once a beginner”

Let me know what I have missed and what are the others ways to get ride of writing blocks.





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