You might be aware or not!

If you are a negative thinker,talker and especially a repeater of negative phrases then absolutely you do not need any enemy to destroy you!

But on the flip side human’s mind process 48.6 thoughts per minute and daily our 80% thoughts are negative.

What the heck am I destroying myself by negative thoughts?

No of course not if you don’t believe it.

By repeating you can hurt yourself.

The process of thinking is natural either positive or negative.

All you have to do is to take control of it and keep avoid repeating  and believing it.

1:)  Limiting your life and possibilities

 How many times you said this.         

  •  “ I can’t”
  • “ I don’t know”
  • “ I am not enough”
  • “ It’s Impossible”
  • “ I am not capable of it” etc

Absolutely that kind of phrases and thoughts are your enemy.
By repeating that kind of phrases actually going to hurt you.

You are limiting your life and possibilities.

The solution is pretty easy to change the phrases and stop repeating.

Watch this short video and follow the instruction of Marisa peer.

2:) Brules

Repeating negative phrases do one simple thing in your life.

Creates Brules (bullshit rules) in your mind and then your subconscious mechanism start working on it and it affects you.

You just do not create Brules by repeating negative phrases but you also attract brules from society, cultures, friends, family, etc.

Brules are programming your mind and the output becomes reality.

That’s how your reality is to day Based on your beliefs.

All you have to change your inner before you make any changes in the reality.

As res Kumar said you cannot solve your inner problems by external acts.

Repeat phrases like “ I am getting better and better every day in every way”.

Watch video for more

3:) Fear

Repeating phrases either negative or positive are programming your subconscious.

If the phrases are negative it also increase fear

  • lack of confidence
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of failing

A 5 years kid is more confident than an average person because they do not know fear of failing and rejection.

He/she just jumps on everything sometimes they fail, hurt his/her self and sometimes break thing to make it into more pieces.

The point I am making here to be fearless and jumps on new ideas without thinking for a second.

 You gotta do two things

  • Do the things and you will get the energy to do the things
  • The sooner you fail the sooner you will be successful

Fear is just in your mind it is not out.

It is your choice to make commitment and drink the drop of fear to survive.

Fear is nothing they are just negative thoughts.

Do you want to build your reality around you which will be nothing but just fear whenever you look at it.

No, you gotta out of the box and think out of the box.

 Be limitless.

4:) Effects others too

 Let me ask you this simple question.

Do you want to raise up your kids with a lot of fear,and Brules?

Do you yourself want to live life under negative phrases?

Never No chance!

If at least still you can’t make a habit of positive phrasing to repeat to yourself.

Stop repeating negative phrases!.

If yes, then Also help others to live the life full of confidence.

Just by simply changing my words of mouth changes my reality ?

 Yes ! 100% not 80% or 50%

 watch it right here.


That’s fine you are now emotional and going to change your reality.

As you sweep the emotions and think later what you will think about this post I have written.

Bullshit …. Off course you will experience this moment. 

That’s why I am making the point here to save you from this mistake and also your friend and family. 

So what you are gonna do is to keep your emotion aside.

Repeating positive phrases and stopping negative phrases is Not a magic wand to just change the things in seconds. 

It is not a one day task but a lifestyle.

Let me know what you think and what is your best tip?

Recommended book written by vishan lakhiani. 

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