There is no doubt in the title which grabs you here.

It is a skill, takes few efforts to learn and apply.

Are you ready?

I wish I had learned this skill 5 – 10 years ago.

These are some simple rule take no money or any hard work at all.


Just you and your mind in the silent environment.


Step#1: Say NO to negative  

  • Thoughts
  • Talks
  • Beliefs


Brules (bull shit rules) created by our own selves, attracted from society, friends, family, keeps us inside in the box and in the limited area of our thoughts, efforts, and possibilities.

That brules then form another bad shape called Comfort zone.

our subconscious mechanism acts around the brules that’s how our reality is today in which we are living.

A simple rule you can apply here is to filter negative signals.
Either prevent or change it to positive signals with the help of your conscious mind and that’s how you will build a happy life.

Simple isn’t it?

But let me know more about this skill, seems interesting? Your request?

Step#2: Compassion

If you want compassion you have to be a giver of compassion.

All you need to practice it with close eyes daily.

Imagine that you are receiving the compassion from the universe, reach things, and people around you.

In the second step, you are going to spread this compassion in the shape of little soft hearts.

and you are seeing the faces of people are smiling, as your compassion reaches to them.

1 minutes practices of this are enough. Or less.

Step#3: gratitude

Yes, gratitude.

Now you are just going to practice 3 things

You are grateful for who you are.

You are grateful for your job/business life.

You are grateful for your family and friends.

You can put more things.

Step#4: Forgiveness

Yes in free…

Because you are including, others, little and big mistakes, and others shits which happens on daily basis by you and by others people, which makes you uncomfortable.

  • forgive yourself
  • Forgive others
  • Ask everyone to forgive you too

It’s mean to just repeat the phrase ( I forgive all, myself and I ask everyone to forgive me too).

This three are really interesting it saves you energy, sharpens your focus and gives you the opportunity to grow in any positive way of your life.

That’s why the next step is

Step# 4: future

Now you are free from others worries and can focus and can put all your energy in your future.

It might be tomorrow or 5 to 40 years.

You can visualize how your future would be.

It’s not planning it is just to visualize how you will be successful after 3 years.

Imagine about your health, wealth and other things you want in 1 to ten years.

Spend 3 to 5 minutes here.

Step#5: Perfect day

Now in this step, you are going to make your day perfect.

This step is to plan your whole day, (24 hours).

Start with what you are doing now.

Start Like this.

Now I am enjoying my meditation habit, right after this, will enjoy my writing habit and then, that and that etc.

Just put the idea of enjoying and do not bother your mind to do this and that.

With the help of this, your mind will know that the day is going to be perfect.

If during this day if someone spills your mood. You will not be affected as others who do not practice.

Because you have planned it.


Step#6: Just Watch

To understand the whole process watch this video vishan have explained it.



This is what I have learned from vishan in this video and in this free short course.

I daily practice it.

This is more than that what I have claimed about with regular practice daily.


Daily practice is matter.

If you want to build the best habit of this and need help to build.

Here I have done the hard work for you.

Let me know what is your one tip to make this practice even more powerful?


Recommended book

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