Once a wise man said, “Do the things, and you will get the energy to do the things” {Bob proctor}.

Work smart and spend the time and energy wisely on the right things.

I have collected some productivity tips I am sure it will help.


#1:) Set alarm Hourly

Either you can set alarm hourly or over an hour or less, Consider the alarm tone to ask you just one question.

Are you productive in this moment?

If yes turn off the alarm if else snooze the alarm and get to work before the next snooze ring.


#2:) Plan and Clear

Before you start to spend energy and time.

Do a favor to yourself and clear what you are going to work on.

Once you caught a task to start working on, Plan it!

Break it down to pieces and give a deadline to each piece.

Or just simply use Pomodoro.

Stick to the area break after break and do not start something else your break should be short just for your breath.


#3:) Monitor your time

Be an accountant to yourself in the many areas of your life.

From talking to time management.

Time is one of the resources which do not come back.

Spend it wisely, invest it for your future for others. Make it precious as you can.

Monitor your all daily task.

Where are you spending most of the time, is it productive?

Where should you spend your much time?

Monitor how the little task and big task are eating your time.

Monitor sleep time, free time, daily weekly, monthly.

Do not let anyone waste your time because no one is gonna help you in your bad time.

Just you ..you are responsible for your own success.

Be a soldier for your time. Save it fight for it.

Be a superhero to yourself. respect yourself and respect the resources you have right now.


#4:) Deadline

Before you push yourself to do any task give yourself a deadline of time and stick to it.

Deadline will not just help you to finish but you can make a good habit of finishing tasks in the required time.

In the future, you will know how much time a task take to the end.

In this way, you are going to train your mind to spend even more energy and finish the task.

Make the deadline is a cue for your writing and for others task.

Deadline is a simple way to just sharpen your focus on one thing and will help you avoid a lot of confusion.


#5:) Set Small goals

There is no magic wand to achieve big things in the first try but there is a way to achieve big dreams.
Break your dreams into master goals.

Break master goals to sub-goals

Make pieces of sub-goals into small goals.

Start taking micro steps towards your small goals.

Start taking action daily, little by little towards your dream.

That’s how the magic wand works in today’s digital world.

The small achievements will make you addicted to plans and achieve big goals.

You will start working on your goals subconsciously.

So it means you can build a good habit of struggle and the habit has everything.

#6:) Maintenance day weekly

When you get to work in the first 5-10 minutes you find yourself thinking about a task which is important to do.

Or you just find yourself thinking to meet someone about whom you just naturally care.

The best solution is to write it down while working and get back to work.

Choose a specific day to do all that tasks which disturb you while working.

If you try to forget the task and just keep working. It will invite unbalanced life.


The 2017 Edition (6)


You need to keep this four areas of your life in balance

  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Physical
  • Mental

There are two ways to choose a weekday for maintenance

Choose a day and stick to it Sunday-Friday or Monday to do you all task without just touching your work.

You can collect the most matter to do tasks and then decide the off day and finish.
Both are 50/ 50 seems effective. The good choice here is to just try both and find out what works for you.

It’s up to you.

Having a maintenance day is the peace of mind. While working you will not get much thoughts of the important task to do.

Your mind will subconsciously handle a lot of disturbing thoughts while working.

Subconscious will help and will reply to the left brain that there is a day to do the other task.


#7:) Kill the procrastination

Kill it as it killing you. Apply what it apply to you.

No one is born with laziness. Right?

But we become lazy when something hit our mind and we start thinking about it and left the desk and then get to disk after long hours.

That’s how procrastination works little by little trying to kill you.

So the reply in this war should be strong enough to win and kill the enemy with something to become a hit record.

The good way is here to keep moving but how?

If new thoughts hit you while in a busy moment. As a human, your mind will force you to think about.

That’s where war begin.

Now the only choice you have to think about it. if you think it is gonna ruin your precious hour of work.

So the trick here is to just keep moving.

If your mind is not helping you to get rid of this new emotions.

So keep thinking and after some minutes it will leave.

But just do not stop in this short few moments.

Because once you stopped it is hard to start again.

So if you move and keep working slowly. It will be the smart choice and you can kill procrastination.

Keep moving slowly in the wartime And do not let the newton second law apply on you “ things stay when it stay “

Things in motion stay in motion first law.


#8:) Pomodoro Technique

While in power play during the task you need a little bit of pressure to complete or to just focus for a specific limited period of time.
That’s where the Pomodoro technique comes into play.

The Pomodoro is a special technique for writer and students etc.

It has two portion

Work time 25 minutes

Break time 5 minutes

Here we need to change A little bit the idea.

A research found that human brain can focus for 90 minutes on a task.

So you do not need to stick to the 25 and 5 minutes.

You should be stick to your stamina of work.

Everyone is different you may have noticed that you can write or read for 40 – 60 minutes.

So if you have not noticed try it. It will solve a lot of the problems.

You can take a break after this. but be aware of procrastination.

While a break, don’t start doing something else which requires a lot of time and energy.

Short breaks should be just for your breath. Water . etc.

Pressure is required, one is time pressure and another is the deadline.

Which subconsciously force you to focus on work.

Get set your work time and break time.



Big things has achieved by the people who are well

  • Disciplined
  • Organized
  • Managed

Think to make your time productive and care about it.

Because it is half of the battle of success and the rest of the half will come itself.

Productivity build lives.

Productivity is freedom. add daily a step towards freedom.

Choose to be happy.

Let me know what is your one best tip of productivity which works for you so I can try and others too?

Recommended Book

The code of extraordinary mind

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